Gismonda Collection

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56 firelighters and the box of 35 small matches in untreated poplar.

Natural fire starters and ecological benefits

These natural firelighters are made from woven wood wool which is 100% natural. From sustainably managed and FSC certified forests.

One stick of fire starter in the kindling is enough to light your fire using the top-down method. Our natural firelighters are free of chemicals because they are soaked in pure food grade wax. This way you avoid unpleasant odours and toxic fumes. Our Collection fire starter sets come with a handy box of matches for lighting all your wood fires (fireplace, insert, wood stove or brazier and barbecue) without the risk of burning.

Our matches are made from 100% natural wood, the stems are made from untreated poplar wood.

Natural firelighters and decorative box

This yellow box is a tribute to the coin Gismonda, from which it takes its name. The deep yellow colour of the box is a nod to the yellow of the poster designed by Alfons Mucha where this yellow is mixed with shades of khaki.

A chic fire starter set that will look good on any fireplace. To complete your decoration with the Gismonda collection, discover our Essentials firelighters set, ceramic candles, handmade candles, mohair plaids.

Natural firelighter

- 56 Natural firelighters: mechanically braided wood wool sticks, 100% natural and from sustainably managed forests, FSC certified.

- They are impregnated with pure natural wax and odorless, easily inflammable. Without chemical compounds, they do not clog your fireplace, stove or insert.

- Made in Germany to guarantee superior quality.


- 35 Matches: 11 cm made of untreated poplar.

- The packaging was designed and manufactured in Agen.

- The packaging takes place in our warehouse in Agen as well.

The MAISON PECHAVY natural fire starter allows to light all fires: fireplace, insert, wood stove, barbecue and brazier. A single stick is enough to light a fire. The burning time is slow, from 8 to 10 minutes.

Use the top-down technique to light the fire. Place the large logs at the bottom of the firebox, then on top of them - in a perpendicular fashion - the medium-sized logs, the chestnut kindling and at the top a natural fire starter made of wood wool.

Choose a very dry wood such as oak, hornbeam or beech (hardwood species), certified NF, with a moisture content of less than 20% in order to obtain a good yield and take full advantage of the heat of the fire. This type of wood log high performance will emit very little ash and few fine particles. It also has the advantage of reducing the fouling of your heating appliances. You can also opt for compressed wood (compressed logs or densified wood), a compressed log is enough in the fireplace. These two categories of wood-energy carefully selected have a strong calorific value, offer good energy performance while remaining an ecological heating method.

The choice of your firewood is essential whether you have an open or closed fireplace. The type of heating appliance used will also have an impact on the energy efficiency. An open fireplace will obviously be less efficient.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place.

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