Mosquito repellent candle Kaki

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Mosquito repellent candle scented with rose and lemongrass, 550gr.

3 garden wicks.

Contains natural essential oils with proven repellent action against mosquitoes.

Discover our mosquito repellent candles pleasantly scented with rose and lemongrass, the latest creations of Maison Pechavy.

Enjoy your summer evenings with our OutDoor collection: metal base and candle glass jar, effective and decorative mosquito candles.

This scented candle plunges you into the heart of a soothing and sensory aromatic garden. It keeps away mosquitoes that often spoil summer evenings.

Decorative mosquito candle

This scented candle is presented in a colored glass, matching our range of candle jar. You can harmonize the decoration of your summer tables with these mosquito candles. Peacock blue, terracotta and khaki, three colors are available to create a warm and elegant atmosphere, even outside the house.

Thus, this candle repels mosquitoes, harmoniously perfumes and decorates your outdoor spaces.

Pleasant and effective mosquito candle

Enough of these little insects that ruin our lives all summer long? Maison Pechavy has the solution: our candles scented with rose and lemongrass.

Made pleasant olfactory and repellent action against mosquitoes, these garden candles have everything good.

The fragrance was created by a perfumer from Grasse. Each note has been chosen and balanced by the nose to obtain a most pleasant scent.

Thus, the delicacy of the rose blends with the freshness of aromatic notes. The breeze of a summer evening carries with it the tangy notes of lemongrass to give way to a sweet and rosé heart. The flame of the candle flickers, dances and flies away in the enveloping and woody warmth of cedar. Let yourself be lulled by the olfactory and visual nuances that awaken the senses.

This sophisticated fragrance is composed of natural repellent active ingredients: essential oils of geraniol and lemongrass.

The fragrance is guaranteed without CMR and phthalates.

Once each wick of the candle is lit, a veil of fragrant smoke will escape from the candle. This wake will allow insects to move away and will pleasantly perfume your terrace, balcony or garden.

Mosquito candle Made in France

The candles were made by a local craftsman. Each operation is carried out by hand: the laying of garden wicks, the assembly of perfume and melted wax, the casting of wax and surfacing. No mechanical operation.

Fall for our handmade candles and effective against mosquitoes, your summer evenings will gain serenity.

- Mosquito repellent candle 550gr.

- Sold without packaging

- 3 cotton wicks, special garden, which resist draught.

- Repellent action against mosquitoes thanks to the essential oils of Citronella and Geraniol

- Made in France

- Perfume created and manufactured in Grasse from natural raw materials such as essential oils of lemongrass, clary and officinal sage, petit grain, patchouli and guaiac wood. Fragrance without CMR and Phthalates. The fragrance reveals aromatic notes at the top, pink and lemongrass in the heart and musk and cedar in base notes.

- Mixed candle wax: Combination of vegetable and mineral wax (paraffin). Guaranteed GMO-free, heavy metal-free, phthalate-free.

- Combustion time approximately 90h

- Khaki tinted glass container

- Light the 3 wicks of the mosquito candle with our long matches and place it close to the guests.

- This candle wick is suitable for outdoor use, it emits smoke. Do not use the candle inside the house.

- To extinguish the candle, do not blow. Dip the wick into the melted scented wax and straighten it immediately.

- For safe use of the candle, refer to the pictograms below the candle.

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