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Set of brass disc, glass jar and pillar candle

VAT included

Candle jar with recycled glass

height 40 cm, diameter 10 cm

Brass decorative disc, diameter 12,5 cm

Tall white candle, 100% stearin, height 30 cm, diameter 5 cm

Discover our brand new set, made up of a clear glass candle jar, a solid brass saucer, and a white pillar candle. A perfect combo for a magical effect!

The essential decorating trio

Have you ever dreamed of creating a unique atmosphere around a dinner party?

This deco trio will thus become an essential for your table decorations. 

Glass candle jar, very practical

Open at the top and bottom (without a base), this glass cylinder is very easy to use. Simply place the pillar candle directly on its brass disc, then position the glass candle jar around the elements. The decorative candle is easy to light using our long matches. It can be easily replaced once burnt out but also repositioned and moved without difficulty or risk of burns.

This photophore lantern protects all candles and prevents wax drips often caused by draughts. So dinners lit by the soft light of real candles will be pure moments of happiness. Forget fake candles! Use both inside and outside the home for a warm ambience.

- 1 candle jar in recycled glass, handmade. Height 40 cm and diameter 10 cm

- 1 solid brass disc. Diameter 12.5 cm

- 1 pillar candle 100% stearin. Height 30 cm and diameter 5cm

The glass candle jar can be cleaned in hot water. Simply remove the wax gently from the wall and dry the glass with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

The brass disc not only enhances the glass jar, but also protects your tables or consoles.

Like all brass objects, this support will develop a patina. You can easily restore it to its original shine using a metal-cleaning product and a microfibre cloth. You can also leave it to develop a natural patina to suit your taste.

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