Candles and long matches box Dolce Vita

VAT included

10 multicoloured candles: 2 orange, 2 mimosa, 3 purple, 3 fuchsia

40 long matches Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita: an assortment of brightly coloured candles and a matching box of long matches. Maison Pechavy invites you to live the Dolce Vita with these decorative candles in original and sparkling colours: fuchsia pink, two shades of yellow and orange.

Handcrafted candles made in Provence

These elegant decorative and fine candles are made in a traditional way by one of the last candle makers in France and are obtained thanks to an ancestral manufacturing method. The method of candle making known as "à la plongée" allows to shape conical candles, thinner at the top. The cotton wicks are placed in a U-shape on wooden sticks, fixed on frames and then dipped in wax by wax craftsmen. The colour pigments are sprinkled in the melted wax. The colours obtained are lively and sometimes surprising to create unexpected shades. The wax used is high quality wax. It burns slowly and does not emit smoke. Once lit, the candle gives off a soft, pleasant glow.

Matching box of long matches

Maison Pechavy offers you to match this bundle of candles with a very nice matchbox Dolce Vita, SO CHIC!

The XXL matches, made of natural and untreated poplar, are perfect to light these fine candles or a fireplace, a scented candle or a candle jar. Very elegant, these long matches with a bright pink head, dress the mantelpiece with style and give it a touch of colour.

Very practical because they are so long, these matches can be used to light any fire in complete safety.

In which holder should a fine candle be placed?

The pleasure of decorating your home by placing these fine candles in bright colours in the MAISON PECHAVY candle holders: brass candle holders or wooden candle holders. Very thin at the base, these candles fit in adapted candle holders and not in a standard candle holder. Our gold candle holder has been designed to allow you to display a fine candle in any standard candle holder or candle stand (clear glass, vintage, crystal, antique) thanks to its double function.

These decorative candles add a touch of light and colour to your home. Create an elegant and romantic atmosphere with the different colours of MAISON PECHAVY decorative candles. Table decoration, fireplace decoration, these candles will enhance your decoration.

Lighting the flame of a decorative candle will allow you to create a warm atmosphere and to illuminate your evening. A lit candle provides an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Think of marrying ceramic scented candles with these coloured candles to create a harmonious ensemble.

The candles

- Bundle of 10 candles : 2 orange, 2 mimosa, 3 purple, 3 fuchsia

- Made in Provence by a company with the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)

- Burning time, from 1h30 to 2h. 

- diameter from 0.8cm to 1 cm. Cylindrical base and thinner at the top. 

- Unscented wax that does not drip. 

- cotton wick

Long matches

- 40 long matches BOIS DE ROSE in untreated poplar

- Length 19.5 cm

- Made in Europe

- With a diameter of 0.8 to 1cm, these candles are not standard and must be associated with our range of candleholder adapted.

- Indoor candle. If placed outside, the wax may leak. 

- Use these candles creatively in your interior decoration: centerpiece, console, fireplace.

- Do not leave a lit candle unattended

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