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2 brass adapters, 10 thin candles, 40 long matches

Smart candle holder made in France

This candle holder, made in France is also an adapter. When you put this candle holder on the widest part it receives the artisanal candles like a classic candle holder. Very decorative, it will adorn your shelves, libraries, chimney coats, etc.

To use the other side of the candle holder, insert it into a standard candle holder. The narrow part allows to reduce the diameter and to accommodate the candles in your favorite candle holder. This adapter is suitable for all types of chandeliers; crystal, glass, modern or vintage, etc.

Its double function allows you to decorate your interior for your liking by taking advantage of its chic and useful appearance or by highlighting your favorite candle holders thanks to the adapter of fine candles of our range of candle boxes.

This duo of adapters/ candle holders is 100% French manufacture. The brass alloy comes from France and the candle holder is shaped in a French workshop.

Handmade candles of French manufacture

These elegant French candles are handcrafted. They respect the "plunge" method of manufacture which allows the craftsman to make candles of conical shapes that refine towards the top. The wicks are made of cotton and arranged in U shape on wooden sticks. Attached to frames, these sticks are then dipped into wax by the candle makers.

The colour pigments are sprinkled into the melted wax. This process brings lively and surprising hues.

To enjoy your candle longer, you can place it into the fridge 30 minutes before burning. The cold will compact your candle which will burn less quickly and will not melt.

Chic and colorful matches

This elegant box is made by a matchbox matching the colors of the candles. Long matches are made of untreated poplar wood. They are ideal for lighting thin candles, or fireplaces, scented candle safely. These matches are very chic thanks to their green head and bring color to your decor. 

Fall for our recycled glass candle holder, perfect for outdoor decoration!

Two brass adapters

- Brass candle holders for thin candles approx. 1 cm in diameter.

- Sold in pairs - Base diameter 41 mm

- Height: 2 cm

- Made by a French manufacturer

Handcrafted fine candles

- a Gismonda bundle of 10 fine candles: 3 miel, 3 tobacco and 4 khaki (a Maison Pechavy exclusive color)

- Height 30 cm, between 0.8 and 1 cm diameter at the base

- Burn time: 2h30

- Made in Provence by an EPV-certified company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)

Long matches

- 40 GISMONDA long matches in untreated poplar

- Length 19.5 cm

- Made in Europe. Traditional know-how

Decorate your home with these fine, colourful candles to add a touch of light and freshness.

If the base of the candle is too wide, just make a small incision at the base (to remove the first layer of wax) to position it correctly in the candleholder. If the base of the candle is too thin, you can use a piece of paper to wedge it in place.

To optimise the use of your candles, place them in the fridge 30 minutes before burning.

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