Khaki Glass Candle Jar

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Recycled glass cylinder. Practical, it is bottomless.

Height 40 cm, diameter 10cm.

Accompanied by a Danish candle that does not flow.

Sold without the candle holders (on the presentation photo: Candle holders FOLIES 1920)

The range of candle holders is expanding with new creations of colored candle holders. This khaki candle jar, a color you can find on different creations of the Victoria collection.

Colored glass candle holder, creator of atmosphere

This beautiful candle jar is hand painted and will bring a decorative touch to your interior. You can arrange it on a table in the dining room or on your fireplace.

Created for candle holders from the FOLIES collection (for fine candles or classic candles), this candle holder is also suitable for all types of low candle holders and even pillar candles.

Very decorative, it subdues the light of the flame of your craft candle. Perfect to create an intimate atmosphere and a cozy atmosphere.

Arranged in table runner during a festive meal, it will highlight your table decoration.

Glass candle holder to protect candles

The glass candle holder is ideal to protect the flame of candles but also to protect you from the risk of burns.

40 cm high, it is suitable for all types of candles. In addition, it is easy to use and allows a perfect combustion of your candle. Then it won’t sink.

Made of 100% recycled glass, this candle jar is as chic as eco-friendly.

- Recycled glass candle holder. Contains some bubbles due to artisanal manufacturing processes.

- Cylindrical shape.

- Height 40 cm

- Diameter 10 cm

- Colour: khaki green

- Hand painted

- Made in Europe

Arrange candle holders and candles on the table and position the candle holder around it. If you use matches outdoors, we advise you to light them out of the wind and close to the wick of the candle. We invite you to light the candle before placing the candle holder around it.

Do not use fake candles (LED candles) for your outdoor decorations and treat yourself with the various colors of candles we offer.

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