Our commitments

The love of wood, the most ecological and renewable energy, is rooted in the DNA of MAISON PECHAVY. The commitment to sustainable development was therefore a natural choice in the creation of the first MAISON PECHAVY products.

From the very beginning of the adventure, the designer, Carine Pechavy, chose to look for bio-based materials, local partners or partners with the lowest possible carbon footprint. In the same way, the collaboration and the promotion of companies with ancestral know-how are part of our values. Grouped under a label called EPV, the Living Heritage Companies, often unknown, are full of talent and exceptional know-how. The Premonstratensian Ciergerie, the ceramics factory, the plaids factory and our woodturner are all part of this network. They are all passionate about offering quality products that respect the environment.

Moreover, we call upon an establishment of help by work which develop the activity of handicapped workers for the conditioning of our firelighters.

Our objective being to propose to consumers products to create a cosy atmosphere by the fire meeting their expectations combining refinement, social and environmental responsibility.

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All our products are designed to limit the impact on the environment. That is why we use high quality materials, durable and renewable such as wood, ceramic, vegetable or beeswax, mohair wool, cardboard or paper from sustainably managed forests.

The wood wool used to make our ecological firelighters comes from sustainably managed and FSC certified forests. These 100% natural firelighters are made in Germany, because the know-how does not exist in France, by a family business sharing our values and ethics.
The ceramics of our scented candles are made a few kilometers from our premises, as are our wooden candle holders.

Vianne stone is a local stone that we have chosen for our stone candlestick.

The mohair of our plaids is entirely transformed by a family manufacture expert since 8 generations in the wool fiber.

The wax for our candles is cast in France by passionate craftsmen.

Our packaging and cardboard are printed in a limited geographical area to limit the carbon footprint.

Finally, our approach goes further, our latest creations - the ceramic candles - are designed to be reused (tea mug, utensil pot) once the candle is consumed. We promote the second life of the product.

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